Youngblood Professional Mineral Makeup

Pauline Youngblood, a pioneer in the industry developed her first products in a medical setting, specifically for patients recording from harsh medical procedures, such as laser or chemical peels, surgeries, and even cancer treatments.

Her patients experienced such dramatic success that they continued using her formula long after their skin had healed, and urged her to make it commercially available.
Today, Youngblood is the premier mineral cosmetic line available, because of the luxury formulation, ideal milling process, and chic, upscale image and packaging.


Using this amazing product we can create tailor-made looks for whichever occassion you are going to, or if you just want to try out new looks. We also offer Bridal Makeup, which includes a trial so you know you have the perfect artist for your big day.

Please see our Price List for more information.

Why Choose Youngblood?

Not all mineral cosmetics are not created equal.

Minerals are substances that are formed naturally in the Earth. When used in cosmetics, these micronized crystals reflect light to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. They also provide rich colour with natural pigments from the earth - unlike popular mainstream make-up formulas, which contain petroleum dyes and other chemical-based additives which can be harmful and can aging effects.

Surprisingly, minerals also provide natural sun protection, keeping skin healthy and youthful as well as being anti-bacterial and poses a lower risk of allergic reactions.

We have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Scottish Beauty Industry Awards 2020 for the categories of; 5* Beauty Salon of the Year and 5* Makeup Salon of the year

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