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Tibetan Prayer Flags

Nikki Cook is a Reiki Teacher/Master Practioner 2016, this is her journey to help and heal clients that need Reiki. When practising Reiki, clients are fully clothed with a cosy blanket placed on them.

It is advised to have Reiki with massage as this helps the client relax and attune to Reiki (Reiki free of charge if being paired with massage).

Reiki is a Japanese technique principal for deep relaxation, stress reduction and spiritually increases healing within you.

Reiki treatment is given by either "placing of hands" or "hovering hands" (this is asked prior to treatment to see what the client is most comfortable with) and is based on the unseen life force field of energy flows, like a river through us. It is this that makes us alive.

Reiki can activate the natural healing process of the client's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

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