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Price List

All new clients must complete a consultation appointment prior to treatment.

For aftercare, please click here

Massage & Holistic Treatments
Sports Therapy
Effective therapy for people active in sport or for those seeking therapy post-injury.
More severe injuries will require a 30 minute consultation to which we can best assess your needs.

30 min Treatment/Massage                      £32.00

1 hour Treatment/Massage                       £60.00

30 min Ultrasound Therapy*                     £40.00

1 hour Ultrasound Therapy*                      £75.00

SportTape Application

                With Massage                              £10.00

                Without Massage                        £15.00

*Price includes massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is perfect for those doing continuous or repetitive work, with a choice between 20, 40 or 60 minute sessions. Massage includes Reiki (please click here to visit our Reiki page for more information)

25 min Treatment                                    £25.50

45 min Treatment                                    £45.50

1 hour Treatment                                     £63.50

Oncology Massage

Fully insured/qualified to be able to treat Oncology Patients. Here at EnPhysage we create a tranquil, relaxing environment for you, escape the world outside with taylor-made treatments just for you.

Full Body Massage                                          £55

1/2hr OR 1 Hour choice of                            £25/£55





Indian Head Massage

Includes Reiki

40 min                                                               £45.00

Aromatherapy Massage

25 min Treatment                                    £25.00

45 min Treatment                                    £45.00

1 hour Treatment                                     £60.00

Hot Stone Massage

25 min Treatment                                    £25.00

45 min Treatment                                    £45.00

1 hour Treatment                                     £60.00

Beauty Treatments
DermaQuest is the world leader in stem cell technology with formulas renowned for their effectiveness and superior quality, to treat skin conditions such as ageing, acne, acne scarring, pigmentation & sensitivity.
Suitable for U18yrs, please click here for our information page to learn more about the various DermaQuest treatments we offer.
Express Level 1 Facial 30 minutes                          £45.00
Level 1 Facial 1hour                                                  £66.00
Choose one of the following:-
Advanced Retinol Infusion Facial
Age Defence Peptide Vitality Facial
Age Defence C Infusion Facial
Essential Hydrating Balance Facial
DermaClear Extraction Facial
Pigment Control Skinbrite Facial
Sensitised Soothing Facial
- Suitable for Oncology Patients & Pregnant People
**NEW** Sweet Advanced Resurfacers 1hour       £70.00
Choose one of the following:
Sweet Chill
Sweet Lift
Sweet Hydrate
Sweet Radiance
Level 2 Resurfacers 30min                                       £75.00
**Skin Prep Required**
Choose one of the following:-
Glycolic Acid (Level 1&2) Resurfacer
Lactic Acid Resurfacer
- Suitable for Oncology Patients & Pregnant People
Power Peptide Resurfacer
Primary/Power Pumpkin Resurfacer  
Level 3 Chemical Peels 30min     
**Skin Prep Required**                             
Choose one of the following:-
Retinol Infusion Peel                                                      £85.00
Salicylic Peel                                                                          £110.00
TCA & Salicylic Weekend Peel                                              £110.00
CBD DermaQuest
CBD Holistic Massage 30 minutes                          £42.00
CBD Holistic Massage 1 hour                                   £70.00
CBD Facial 1 hour                                                       £70.00
CBD Resurfacer 30min                                              £75.00
Luxury CBD Manicure                                                £50.00
Luxury CBD Pedicure                                                 £55.00
Gentlemen's DermaQuest
Vitamin A Infusion Hydration Facial                         £65.00
Vitamin A Infusion Hydration Resurfacer                £75.00
Vitamin A Infusion Hydration Chemical Peel           £85.00
Hands, Nails & Feet
Nail File & O.P.I Lacquer                                             £6.50
Mini Manicure (30min)                                               £15.00
Shape, cuticle care, exfoliate & O.P.I Lacquer
Luxury Manicure (1hour)                                           £45.00
- French Manicure is £5 extra
Toe Nail File & O.P.I Lacquer                                     £9.50
Mini Pedicure (30min)                                                £25.00
Luxury Pedicure (1hour)                                            £50.00
Red Carpet Fingers or Toes                                      £25.00
Red Carpet Refresh                                                    £18.00
Red Carpet Package Finger or Toes                        £45.00
Includes manicure
One Nail Repair                                                          £5.00
Gel Soak Off                                                                £15.00
Nail Enhancements
Extensions Full Set                                                   £35.00
        With French                                                       £45.00
        With Glitter                                                        £45.00
        With Red Carpet Gel Polish                              £40.00
        With O.P.I Lacquer                                             £35.00
Infills                                                                          £20.00
One Nail Repair                                                         £7.50
Buff/Soak Off                                                            £15.00
Lash Perfect & Brow Bar
Lash Perfect
100%Vegan-friendly an cruelty-free, with these beautiful individual lashes we can create any look you desire from full drama to a subtle but gorgeous everyday look that can last for up to three weeks. Please click here for more information.
Lash Perfect Lash Lift (45min)                          £45.00
Lash Perfect Express
          Natural Set (30min)                                   £30.00
          Glamorous Set (35min)                             £35.00
          Dramatic Set (40min)                                £40.00
Lash Perfect Classic*
          Natural Set (1hr15min)                             £55.00
          Glamorous Set (1hr30min)                       £65.00
          Dramatic Set (1hr45min)                          £75.00
          Maintenance                   £25.00/£30.00/£35.00
*Initial treatment can take up to 2 hours including consultation*
Brow Bar
Hi-Brow Treatment (45min)                                £30.00
Treatment includes waxing, tinting, threading and shaping of the brow, giving you a bespoke brow.
All About Eyes
Eye Package                                                         £27.50
Eyebrow Shape & Tint                                         £21.50
Lycon Wax
Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon wax delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. Suitable for all skin types, for more information please click  here to learn more about the women's styles and here for the gent's.
**Excellent personal hygiene is mandatory else service may be refused, inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated**
Ladies Waxing
Underarms                                                             £15.00
Facial Hair                                                              £25.00
Forearms                                                                £25.00     
Upper Lip OR Chin                                                 £8.00       
Upper Lip & Chin                                                   £14.00
Eyebrow                                                                  £8.00
Full Leg                                                                   £30.00     
Half Leg                                                                  £20.00
Full Leg & Bikini                                                    £45.00
Bikini                                                                       £16.00
G- String                                                                 £25.00
Brazilian                                                                 £38.00
Hollywood                                                              £45.00
Gentlemen's Waxing
Chest                                                                       £30.00
Back                                                                        £30.00
Full Arm                                                                 £25.00
Full Leg                                                                   £40.00
Nostrils/Ears                                                         £14.00
Eyebrows                                                                £12.00
Columbian                                                              £25.00
Peruvian                                                                 £25.00
Mexican                                                                  £45.00
Bolivian                                                                  £40.00
Brazilian                                                                 £48.00
Chilean                                                                   £87.50
Sunescape Tanning
With a desire to provide you with a safe, long-lasting, ultra-moisturising bronzed glow. With three delightful “destinations” for you to choose from – Weekend in Bondi (light), Week in Fiji (medium) or Month in Maui (dark) depending on your preferences.
Manual Tan Full Body (includes exfoliating)  £45.00
Manual Tan Half Body (includes exfoliating)  £27.00
Spray Tan Full Body (no exfoliation)                £27.00
Spray Tan Half Body (no exfoliation)               £17.00
Youngblood Mineral Makeup
Utilising micronized crystals that reflect light to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. They also provide rich colour with natural pigments from the earth as well as providing natural sun protection, keeping skin healthy and youthful. With this amazing product we can create any look for any occasion, making you feel like the belle of the ball.
We also stock a large range of Youngblood Makeup in-clinic, to find out more please contact us.
Day or Evening Makeover                                  £40.00
Makeup Artist Lesson (30min)                          £15.00
Day or Evening Makeover with Lesson           £50.00
Bridal Makeup (trial included)                          £60.00
Pregnancy Treatments
At EnPhysage, our Pregnancy Treatments keep your rapidly growing skin supple, maintaining skin tone and elasticity all while allowing you to relax and relish in this very special time.  For more information, please click here

Ultimately Gorgeous (2hr30min)                                    £190.00

The ideal 'Feel Fabulous' package in preparation for your new arrival, includes:

Yummy Mummy Full Body Massage Care
DermaQuest Soothing Sensitized Facial
Luxury Pedicure & Manicure

Yummy Mummy Full Body Care(1hr30min)                  £90.00

Includes foot soak, dry skin brushing exfoliation, massage with intense nourishing moisturiser stretch mark prone areas and relaxing scalp massage.

Replenishing Gorgeous Full Body Massage (60min)   £60.00

A head-to-toe of relaxation, using a rich moisturiser to nourish and replenish your skin, leaving you in a feeling of splendour.

Relaxing Gorgeous Back Massage (30min)                   £32.00

Relaxing massage, reliving tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Simply Gorgeous Legs (30min)                                       £35.00

Foot soak, exfoliation and massage.


Reiki is a Japanese technique principal for deep relaxation, stress reduction and spiritually increases healing within you. It can also help with activating the natural healing process of the client's body and can restore physical and emotional well-being. (Best administered with massage, if you wish to incorporate it the service is free of charge)

Reiki                                                                                     £30.00

Reiki Course of 5                                                                £130.00

Reiki Course of 10                                                             £250.00


*Please contact us to arrange these*

Reiki 1st Degree Course                                                   £80.00

1 Day Training with follow up 1/2 day

Reiki 2nd Degree Course                                                  £100.00

1 Day Training with follow up 1/2 day

Reiki Master Course                                                          £120.00

1 Day Training with follow up 1/2 day

Reiki Teacher Course                                                        £120.00

1 Day Training with follow up 1/2 day

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